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Bajra khichdi is a traditional Indian dish made from Bajra (pearl millet) and moong dal (split yellow mung beans). It's a nutritious and wholesome meal that offers a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fibre, making it a popular choice in many Indian households. Here's a brief overview of Bajra Khichdi and its benefits:



  • Nutrient-Rich: Bajra is a nutrient-dense grain rich in fibre, B vitamins (especially niacin and B6), iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Moong dal is a good source of protein, fibre, and various vitamins and minerals.
  • Complex Carbohydrates: It is a whole grain that provides complex carbohydrates, which are slow-digesting and provide sustained energy, helping to keep you full and energized for longer periods.
  • High Fiber Content: Both Bajra and Moong dal are high in dietary fibre, which supports healthy digestion, prevents constipation, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

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